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Hello and welcome, 

I am truly honored and full of gratitude that you have by some means come to find this site.  It is with my whole heart that I invite you to relax and realize that right now what ever growth or change you seek is at the tips of your fingers, so welcome.  In so much as you can think of ideas, wishes, desires, plans and challenges, the work that I do at Serendipitous Sun, offers nearly miraculous, real results that can be seen within only one session. If you feel as though there is no hope in sight, by the end of one session I can promise you that you will feel much better than you thought possible and you will go home with tools that you can easily use on your own when needed. 

My intent is to take the mythology and mystery out of Hypnosis, Energy Work, Reiki and what is possible. Realize that another term for Hypnosis is creative visualization or guided meditation or something along those lines.  I do my best to take the magic or voodoo element out of Hypnosis as so many people have been scared away from this unique and amazing tool  by the media and certain teachings we were exposed to as children.  I will spend time with you to make sure that you are comfortable knowing exactly what Hypnosis is and what it is not, so that you may rest assured that you are always in control and able to make decisions for yourself.  Our first session will be spent learning about one another, finding out what is on your mind, and what you would like to achieve or accomplish by our work together. We will also discuss the different methods that will work best for you, and I will make sure that you have some skills to take with you so that you can start taking charge from day one.  Our second session will allow us to get deeper into your healing process and is usually scheduled for within one or two weeks of our first session. This break between sessions will give you time to allow our first session's work to incubate, and give you time to practice techniques on your own.    

In many ways I consider myself a Health Coach, and offer  tools that you are easily able to use on your own at home or where ever you are so that even from our first session together, you will feel empowered.  Just as a personal trainer helps people to achieve results at the gym, I help my clients to release blocks, fears, old paradigms and programs that no longer serve you.  Most people could work out on their own, but for whatever the reason, have a hard time sticking with it or following through.  What I do is help you to figure out what it is that you want and then I help you to get there and stay on course.  Sometimes we need guidance, and help facing more challenging memories or issues, so having someone there is most often far more affective than a self help book or reading web sites.  Doing the work is my passion, and helping you to stay motivated through results, is what I look forward to and what you can expect.

I have 30 years of spirit based counseling experience. I have been practicing Hypnosis and Meridian Tapping since 2000 and recently have also become a Reiki Practitioner and will soon be offering Reiki Attunements and classes.  I am now able to offer  healing services, not only for you but for other members of your family; your pets. I love working with all critters, and would love to offer Reiki Healing for your pet, whether finned, feathered, scaled or the furry type.  Reiki has empowered my ability to work with clients at a distance.  I find that there is very little difference in healing results when comparing sessions held in person at my Sanctuary, or at a distance. Of course it is up to you to choose how you wish to work together, but if we are doing deeper work with hypnosis, I would like to work with you in person when ever possible.  I look forward to working with you, helping you to achieve your dreams, and live life with more energy, confidence, health, success, prosperity and love. 

Who you think you are is not set in stone:

I know for a fact that intelligence, achievement, ability, limitations, and addictions are not completely set in stone. In fact, I believe that the major balance of what we call genetic endowment or deficiency, are actually very malleable.  Most likely our behavior and habits are all learned by observing those around us and then are governed by our underlying will or drive toward what we want.  Both will and drive also being determined by other variables.  Never mind the variables and the confusing details for now, just start with one thing that you know is holding you back, even if it is that you know you are not doing what you wish to do, or you know that you are not feeling as though you are in control of your emotions or life. 

Getting Started:
Discovery Sessions will help you to experience how fast you can achieve observable results, and offer us a chance to get to know one another.  Sometimes, the discovery does not include hypnosis, but rather other modalities that can help us map out a course for your journey. 

My mantra has been, if you wait to know everything there is to know before taking a step, you will never take a step.  Most of us don't know how our appliances work, but we use them and they work.  The same story holds true for your mind, body and soul and the methods I have come to trust and love while my practice has evolved. Most of the time you learn more by personal, first hand experience than you can by reading or listening to other people's stories.  Rather than wait, it's best to get started now, in the present; take a first step in action toward your desires.  You will not regret anything for having made the decision to make your dreams your reality, but may ask yourself why you waited so long to get started and simply try something that could change your life. 


I have free parking for clients.  The building is accessible, or it's a four story walk up.  Elevators are used only when needed which is a green effort we uphold.  

Scheduling for Sessions, Groups and Classes:

I am available by appointment for private sessions in
Seattle, remote healing world wide with the assistance of e-mail and the internet. I will be adding a travel calendar within the next year which is very exciting. I offer phone sessions for Meridian Tapping and Intuitive Counseling. Reiki both on site, as well as remotely for you and your pets. In Seattle
I will be offering groups and classes for Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Manifesting, and Meridian Tapping.  These are exciting times of great changes and amazing leaps in personal growth.  I am always studying new technologies and taking classes so that I may evolve my practice along with my continued education.  I will consider myself primarily a student and a teacher, as my life's vocation. I do not expect to ever stop learning or teaching.  I love energy work and have an endless interest and passion for what I do.  I am so excited to be challenged with what it means to be alive right now and am so grateful that my passion and enthusiasm have aligned to allow me to work within the healing community. 

For questions and information:

See the contact page.

For existing clients who wish to book online:
Coming Soon, in the meantime scheduling is by email or phone.

I wish you joy, passion, health and love beyond your wildest dreams.   

~Heidi Smith 

Serendipitous Sun Hypnosis 
  Located in the SoDo area of
Seattle Washington. 
Contact via the contact page. Available for private sessions in Seattle, or world wide via phone and the internet.

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