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~ Using Guided Meditation, Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and Binaural Beat Technology in combination to optimize your results.

Sports and Fitness Performance can be greatly enhanced with the use of
techniques that I teach.  It's been shown that people who are very intelligent and driven are the best candidates for Hypnosis.  Early in my career, I found many of my clients to be entertainers, lawyers, students and athletes who wanted to gain the edge over the competition.  The mind is so powerful.  When you learn new ways of thinking, your performance will improve very rapidly.  Areas that would be considered a part of this category are: Dancers, Golfers and people who may be training for a Tri-Athlon or marathon.  People who are going back to school to finish your degree or to obtain your advanced degree, exams, passing the Bar or Boards.  Test scores are very important and test results can be improved. Going for a new career and higher pay, sales performance.  If you are pushing your boundaries and looking to accomplish new heights in personal or professional achievement, we can decide on the best modalities to solidify your vision and bring your desires into focus and then reality.

Fears,  Phobias and Traumatic Memories can keep us from our best life.  Spiders and Snakes, bees, heights, and germs are just a few fears that can ruin a family vacation or keep the vacations from being planned in the first place.  Fear is a natural and healthy emotional reaction to a perceived threat to you or a loved one's life. When a fear is blown out of proportion to it's actual threat, that you alter your daily routine in order to avoid these things, it's time to look into letting these fears go.  Fear of the Doctor or Dentist can lead to serious health problems. Fears of germs, foods, technology like computers or cell phones, colors, poverty or lack, math, or people and places can be approached in a safe and positive environment and often can be released in just one session.  Are you ready and willing to remove the fears that lie between you and your best life? Another thing to consider is whether you are holding on to a fear for some reason, or perhaps you have blocks to your healing? In your first session I can help you to let go of any blocks you have to your healing, so that you can then move forward in life letting go of anything that is keeping you from a life of freedom, fun, adventure and success.  Set up a discovery session and you will be surprised at how quickly and easily you can release your fears and let go of fears so you can experience freedom from your phobia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or uncover hidden fear based memories that are holding you back.

Weight Loss, Prosperity and Manifesting, Stop Smoking are all areas where Hypnosis can be used as a bridge to fast and permanent change. 

Whether you wish to regain the figure you had when you were in your 20's or you wish to be the most fit you have ever been in your life, there are proven methods that are available to you.  All you have to do is 'really want to change' and then get a clear image of what it is you wish to achieve.

Smoking is not as hard a habit to kick as you are lead to believe by the media.  If you really want to quit smoking, Hypnosis can help you to put this behind you forever, allowing you to move forward in health and energy, as well as with more money in your pocket.

Since  'The Secret' and the movie 'What the Bleep do We Know' more and more people are becoming aware of quantum physics and the laws of attraction.  What these movies do not go into is how to actually put into practice, the thoughts and behavior patterns that are going to bring about seemingly miraculous experiences in your life. Whether it is healing yourself of an illness, or acquiring the home of your dreams, or setting a new height for your income or love in your relationships; hypnosis along with the other great techniques that I have learned over the years can help to link you up to the 'good habits' you want so that you will continue to attract more of what you desire and dream about.  This information isn't new at all by the way, it's just so prominent in the media that we are all being reminded that there are people out there who have achieved great things all with the power of the mind.  Scientist talk about the 10% statistic. We only use 10% of our minds?  Well, the truth is that we can be much more balanced thinkers and activate our brains to our fullest potential.  I can teach you how to do this and how to observe your methods so you can track your results. 

Just about anything you haven't been able to accomplish so far can be assisted with the use of Hypnosis, Reiki, Merdian Tapping and Energy Work.  It isn't always a quick fix, but in most cases the number of actual hours spent working on an issue to the point of satisfaction is but a fraction of the amount of time spent in 'Talk Therapy' or 'Psycho Analysis', where 10 years is all too common, and the issues are still present after all that time. More and more Psychiatrists performing Hypnosis and Meridian Tapping with their clients.  Rather than tell their clients that they are going to use these modalities, what they do is simply give  instructions and the client follows the Doctors instructions. It's that simple.  It's actually a wise technique because social stigma can drive people away from hypnosis and it's rapid positive results. I prefer to be straight forward and use the term Hypnosis, because I would like to help remove this stigma by healing any negative reactions people have to this valid therapy. For more information about how Hypnosis can help you, set up a discovery session so we can set up a plan of action that will offer you the results that you are hoping for.

Choosing the right person to work with and trust is important.  I understand that confidentiality and a high level of professionalism is important to me, and therefore strive to provide the utmost compassion, respect, honor and love while working with my clients. Your confidence and trust is non-negotiable in our work together, and your privacy is at the core of this relationship.  The potential for personal growth is amazing, and I look forward to helping you to access your ultimate goals, and to realize dreams that you have, or may have not imagined yet.


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