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 Sessions                                                     ~When scheduling in advance, times can be very flexible.   I will work with your schedule.

Sessions vary in length depending on the what you would like to accomplish, but you will always be in control of your sessions and will know in advance how long your particular session will be.  There are a number of different modality types that can be used individually or in combination so as to offer you the most progressive strategy to reaching your desired outcomes.

The Discovery Session:  This is the first session that you experience.  It's a chance to meet and discuss your beliefs about Hypnosis and to clear up any misconceptions that you may have.  We will discover your level of suggestibility and find out what you would like to accomplish and initiate a plan for you to achieve what it is you have come to do.  Usually this session lasts a about 90 minutes and includes a brief hypnosis experience to introduce you to the process.  In successive sessions you will learn to achieve the optimal Alpha/Theta state more rapidly which will allow for sessions to require less time over-all.   We will learn during this session how you would like to proceed and the best tools to use for you.  If you are coming in for stop smoking or a phobia/fear release, let me know before your session as in some cases these can be taken care of in one session and will not be considered a Discovery Session.  Please notice the information given below. 

The Discovery session is 125.

For Phobia or Stop Smoking the session is 300

(This session fee includes one follow up session of full length. Please allow up to 90 minutes for these sessions.) The session rate is reflective of a possible follow-up session.  

Regressive Therapy*  Sometimes in the course of hypnosis, a memory is uncovered through a brief regression.  A regression can uncover a timeline that may require or demand further investigation and healing. Usually simply remembering and being able to pay attention to your feelings is all that is needed to feel real progress in your present life and to realize that simply remembering something can free you from it's here to fore control over your subconscious mind and your current behavior.  When investigating past memories, it is important to allow for two or more brief periods of hypnosis, with some rest in between the sessions. 

Regressions are always done with you as an observer, should there be any traumatic experiences.  No one should be put in a position to re-live a trauma in first person.  Even so, witnessing is a  fatiguing process and requires time to deal with what is brought to the surface so that you can heal.  3 or more hours is not unusual when you know you are going to work on repressed memories using regressive therapy.  Usually regressive therapy is scheduled in advance by current clients who have come to realize that they will benefit from regressions, whether for working on this life or other life realities. 

I do not recommend regressive therapy be sought on ones own with the use of CDs or other media.  It's best to be able to work with a trained person who can then be there with you to help you to cope with and move forward from these memories with courage, so that you will feel empowered by this knew knowledge, rather than feeling scared, shocked, or depressed.  It's a good idea to work with someone who is trained specifically in regression and who has practice in this area as well. 

I respect this particular healing work and do not consider it a curiosity or a form of entertainment.  I honor energy, memories and all lives that one comes to know while working with me.  If you already know you would like to work toward a regressive session or series, let me know when you schedule your discovery session. I would be glad to help you to discover what you already know is important to you.

Regressive sessions are  375 for the initial 3 hour block.  If one additional hour is needed, add 100. 

*I only offer past life regression therapy when it is discovered during the natural course of our work together that your healing is dependent on exploring in this area.    I do not offer stand alone past life regression to see if you were someone famous in a past life. (Smile)  This being said, if you believe that you have done a significant amount of work and are not finding resolve, and you feel that exploring past lives is a reasonable next step, I am happy to help you and am trained in 'past life' regressive techniques and have experience in being able to visualize an entirely new world.  You may already understand that this is specialized and focused work that requires certain skills and experience, without which it would be difficult to actually make use of any any information one may temporarily gain while in regression.  I record these sessions and take notes to use while in the session, however, please don't count on the recording being completely clear as often  vocal volume is low while in hypnosis. 

Regular follow-up sessions are 100 for each hour and 125 for 90 minutes.  Remember that we will be talking about your home work, journaling and any epiphanies you have recognized. We will also agree to the follow up home work as well. Follow-up sessions usually only take 45 minutes to an hour at the most but I allow for 90 minutes.  Although I list sessions as 90 minutes, you are welcome to let me know if you are tired and would like to conclude our work for the day.  Everyone has their own pace, I may notice that you are loosing focus and will offer to wrap up so that we don't over do it, but if I do not I welcome you to be open with me and let me know you need a break..

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, current or ex military as well as others.  I accept cash payments and offer safe and confidential counseling for PTSD.  If you have seen a doctor and have a referral for hypnosis I am able to see you.  If you, for any reason. do not feel comfortable addressing this with a Doctor, do not hesitate to contact me.  If my session rates are out of line with what is affordable to you, we can establish a rate that will work as I do want military or ex-military personnel to have access to the work that I do as it's been proven extremely effective.  I use Energy Work, Meridian Tapping and Hypnosis along with Huna/Reiki Shamanic strategies to help people who are ex-military to get back into the life you once knew and to feel like yourself again.  In some cases I am able to work with pain, and physical issues as well. 

I work on a case by case basis and do not claim to have all of the answers, but I do know that many people  have realized amazing healing through the methods I will teach you.  What I wish to convey to you if you are in the Military or  ex-military is that  finances shall not  stand between you and the life you wish you want.  If you are experiencing fears, and reliving stresses that keep you from accomplishing what you know you could, just schedule a discovery session. Also, I want to assure you that your privacy is very important to me.  I will not share any of your information with anyone, I do not bill insurance, I do not practice medicine, I do not diagnose and prescribe.  When you contact me, simply let me know that you are military or ex-military and mention PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. If you are not familiar with these terms but are military and are experiencing extreme stress, reactions and behaviors that are not typical, and that you seek help with, just let me know.

*Intuitive counseling sessions are available as well.  Along with my interest in hands on healing, which I have practiced since childhood, I also see auras, chakras and have a variety of gifts in the intuitive area.  I have expanded my list of offerings to include intuitive, or 'psychic' readings.  I also teach clients to be open to these gifts as well.  I offer classes and groups that are aimed at this type of skill development, so check back or sign up for my news letter so you don't miss anything that is going on here at Serendipitous Sun. 

Intuitive Reading Sessions:
30 minutes is 50.00
45 minutes is 75.00
1 hour           100.00
90 minutes    125.00


For more advanced clients, who are very well on their way to truly knowing themselves but feel that you would like to really take strides in your work, I do offer Break Through Sessions of 8 hours as well as Break Through Weekends.  Break Through Sessions are well rounded and well planned protocols that will help to relieve you of the most stubborn combination of beliefs that are incongruous to your desired outcomes.  A private two day Break Through session is  1500.00 for the 8 Hour session, with one four hour session each day that offers a one hour break.  This has been compared to 10 years of psychotherapy or talk therapy and my clients have been extremely surprised by
how much progress they have made in such a short time, when compared to the time and effort they put forth with other types of therapy. Hypnosis and energy work are so effective because your combative, protective reasoning is put aside so that your truth can come to the surface for a deep breath of fresh air.  My clients say it feels like cheating because the results come so easily, but it's all you. You are making this happen, and it can be easier than you've experienced so far. 

Reiki and Energy Work Distance or Skype

Remote or Distance Healing   Payment can be made in advance after scheduling.
The Initial Session is one hour for you or your companion animal                    ~100
30 minute remote or distance healing session for companion animals or you   ~45
Block of 5  30 minute remote or distance healing sessions                              ~200

Private Sessions at the Gallery  Payment can be made in advance or in person. 
1 hour private session at The serendipitous Sun Gallery                                   ~100
30 minute private session at  The Serendipitous Sun Sanctuary                         ~50

I accept credit and debit cards, paypal, check or cash.  Pay Pal payments can be accepted for all sessions not taking place in person. use the contact page to arrange a payment and schedule your session. 

When scheduling please be aware that this is a professional business and that all appointments must be kept and on time arrival is very important, I am not able to start early and have other clients to attend to.  If you must cancel, please do so 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.   Break through sessions must be cancelled a week in advance. Canceling the day of will require payment for the missed session at your next scheduled session.   No call and no show may result in my unwillingness to work with you in the future, which wouldn't be good, so please take care and be respectful of the time and preparation that I invest for my session with you.  I want you to look forward to our sessions with full knowledge that you have much to gain from the work we do.  It's fun, refreshing and very rewarding.  I know that this is all a lot of information, but relax. and know that this is a great investment for yourself.  I know that after your first session, you will leave my sanctuary feeling much better.

Peace, joy and prosperity to you.

~Heidi Smith


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